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We just love smoothies!

Get ready to be inspired by our seasonal smoothie menu, the real whole food ingredients we use and the story behind the business. The smoothie business dream grew out of the influence of an outdoor music festival in New England and a mobile smoothie outreach program for hungry kids in upstate New York. Weaving these two themes together, adding in a registered dietitian perspective and a vision to nourish families by providing access to healthy beverages, our healthy smoothie business was created in 2013. Using creative smoothie delivery, signature flavor design, nutrient boosters like fresh herbs, lentils, yogurt and seeds along with other menu pairings like fresh fruit skewers, vegan hotdogs, hearty soups and California nachos, we are reaching the needs of a growing food healthy truck marketplace in the northeast. 

Our goal is to provide young and old, an out of this world smoothie experience, by always using whole foods and striving to use local ingredients as often as possible. Especially for those with special dietary needs, we specialize in tailoring our menu to the 'nutritional' needs of our customers with the fun factor in the mix. Yes, we said FUN - we bring the tropical-get-a-way feeling of the Caribbean Islands to you! We want you to feel like you are being served on your favorite tropical island's 'white sandy beach' when you stop by our smoothie van or our mobile tiki bar.

We are 'smoothie station' designers too - we will give professional food service design to make that space at your gym, corporate cafeteria or agency turn into your own smoothie bar for your clients and employees.


It's how our smoothies are served with love that counts

No, that's not the smoothie van but we like to think we do bring the 'tropical island' to you! We do serve our smoothies out of our very colorful, friendly Sprinter smoothie van that can roll onto your athletic field, outside your school or be parked on the curb at your next party or wedding. Scroll through our gallery to see more photos of the smoothie van in event mode.

We operate our Waring blenders on site to make fresh, before your eyes smoothies with the flavor of your choice. Our smoothie servers will take your order, deliver your dome-lid smoothie cup and colorful jumbo straw through the serving window. Enjoy the classic mambo music while you wait..make sure to always check out our menu, it changes for each event. 

Video Courtesy of: The New School Center for Media

About Us

More on Tasting Sunshine

by Kindy Peaslee, Dietitian & Founder 

The Smoothies on Wheels food 'van' is part of a growing movement of culinary and nutrition professionals working with health-supported ingredients to create a 'food as medicine' focused menu.

Our goal is to move the 'healthy food truck' image from simply having a menu that's 'good for you' to being a food venue that brings customers bodily and spiritual nourishment and a playful, restful feeling of being on an island under a swaying palm tree. 

We want to enhance your food & drink experience so you can drink deeply, eat in a setting where you feel relaxed, sample a palette of colorful flavors - all  while eating with others as a social occasion. 

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